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How to shoot a video with your smartphone for YouTube?

Learn how to record a good video of yourself for your YouTube channel with your smartphone. First and foremost, before starting plan in advance, script, memo in order to not get lost when you record.


Think about how your audience are going to watch your video.

Probably on TV and every TV screen is horizontal. If you film in portrait the screen won't be full on TV and you will have black bars on the side of your video. Always make sure that your phone is horizontal.

Avoid any shaky footage!

- Selfie Stick or Gimbal for if you are moving around,

- Tripod,

- Universal Phone Mount,

- or anything to hold your mobile phone, like books,

The screen should always remain in a stable position and for that avoid holding your phone with your hands.

Find the best Lighting

You can use natural light:

- The subject should face the windows on a sunny day or you can go outside. Or you can use any other light: - Soft box, - Makeup Ring Light,

- Aputure Mini LED Light,

- Selfie Ring Light to clip on phone


Make sure to also look at your setting and adjust the light on your phone and lock your new setting. This is optional but you can also use third party apps for your video to look more like you filmed with a camera. You can Film professional videos on your smartphone with an app called ProMovie or FiLMiC Pro but again it is optional.

Clean Background

Have a clean area nice and tidy. Remove anything that will disturb the video. For example. Avoid filming in your bathroom or kitchen unless you have a cooking Channel. The space you choose should go along with the branding.

When you film position your mobile phone slightly below your eyes.


It is the most important part of the video, especially if you are talking.

Find a quiet spot, then depending on the type of video you are shooting you probably need to use a microphone otherwise the sound would not be clear from afar.

You can alternatively record the sound with another phone whilst plugging a microphone onto it.

- Third alternative would be to record voice memos, it can be use with B-roll footage. The microphone I can recommend for shooting with your phone are:

- Boya BY M1

- Rode videomicro

To start you can also use your AirPods but don't forget to hide it.

Rear (back) camera or a selfie (front) camera?

Use the back of your camera for a better quality. If you are with someone that can help you, it is great. If not you can put a mirror in front. of the telephone to see yourself through the mirror. If it is not manageable you can still use the front of your camera, with a good lighting the quality can be nice.


- Always clean your lenses with a microfiber lens or glasses cloth. The images will look sharper dusting out the phone camera.

Don't zoom

The digital zoom might look OK on your phone, but it usually looks terrible once edited.

Last tips Before filming with your phone put it in 'flight' or 'do not disturb' mode so all your call and text won't affect your recording.

- don't forget to charge your phone!

- look at your camera lens when you film not yourself. Do a 10 second test and if you are happy with everything then press record and "c'est parti !".

With all of this tips you should have a professional results while filming with your phone.

Have fun :)

Do you have a YouTube Channel? Let me know in the comment below!


What is Angalia Uzuri Production? Hey! My name is Deborah the founder of Angalia Uzuri Production. "Angalia Uzuri" mean look at the beauty in Swahili. I would love to help you to create professional looking video for your YouTube Channel. Check out how I can help you here.


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My name is Deborah and at Angalia Uzuri production, I help women entrepreneurs to be more visible online and elevate their brands by making things easy for them.

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