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female with camera in front of her eyes. Canon.

Hi, I'm Deborah.

I'm sharing with you the equipment I use and love.


Whether you are a photographer, videographer, YouTuber or content creator. This can help you add the right gear for your business or hobby.

Every Link on this page is an Affiliate.

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I now shoot with a Canon 5D III
Canon 80D
  was my main camera from 2017 until April 2022. 
My next camera will be a Panasonic LUMIX GH5 with a Sony A7S III

Sony A6000 - I use the Sony A5100 for my vlog, and YouTube video I like this one because it is very compact, the image quality is good. However the only issue is the heating, it overheat after 10 minutes.

Neewer Ring Light with Stand Kit - I use it for filming video, interview or zoom meeting.

Abeststudio Photo Studio Softbox Continuous Lighting - I have this light since 2017 and it is still perfect for all my photoshoot, I also used it for my zoom meeting

Neewer 24x24 Inch Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light Cube Diffusion Soft Box - I use this for a long time now. I like this thin material because it lets more light through and gave me much better pictures!

When filming it is important to stabilise the camera or phone. Below few options of the one that I use depending on the event. 

Audio, It is the most important part of any video. Below are the one that I use depending on event.

for mobile phone, camera. and PC

for cameras

For computer

Image by lucas Favre

If you feel like now it is not the time to buy a new gear,  You can still borrow one near to you with Fat Llama.

If you are new get £20 OFF your first rental.

Looking for the perfect location for your next shoot?  You can find one at Giggster.

If you are new get $50 OFF your first booking or rental.

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